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Welcome to ODB BAM!


Four-time Women’s Wrestling Knockout Champion and Knockouts Tag Team Champion, ODB (One Dirty Bitch) is one of the most outrageous women in professional wrestling. A Minnesota native, ODB, Jessie Kresa, is the only woman pro wrestler with her own barbeque and hot sauce labels and Meat & GreetTM food truck.

When she’s not wrestling in the country or overseas, you can find ODB in her remodeled ‘78 AirstreamTM at festivals all over the country. Meat & GreetTM smokes their own pork, and menu items all include Jessie’s family recipe ODB Whiskey Sauces. Treat your taste buds to the tender mounds of pulled pork in the PORK MANIA sandwich and the succulent creamy buffalo chicken in the BAMWICH.